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What’s On The Menu?

I have no idea what day or time it is anymore. Not only do I have the usual post- Clock-Change bewilderment, but this week we had a second Cubs session on a different night to usual (we went to visit our local fire station!) so my brain has no idea what day it is either.

I am quite looking forward to the weekend so that I can hit reset on that one and stop feeling quite so confused.

For now though, I did a meal plan this week so I thought I would share it (I know it’s not Monday, but also, there’s been two Mondays this week already in my head, why not add a third??!)

Weekday Meals

Salmon Wellington with cheesy hash browns & sweetcorn – I discovered this Salmon Wellington at Aldi earlier this year and I really like it. It’s very tasty and even my often-reluctant-to-eat-salmon tween boy likes it.

Curried Chicken & Rice Soup with Garlic Bread – You know how I got all obsessed with that Pinch of Nom recipe book? Well Aldi had another of the series in store at less than half price, so now I’m working through the recipes in the Comfort Food edition as well. And this was one of those. Other than a heated discussion over whether it was a soup or a stew, this went down well all round. Tasty and warming without being too spicy, nice chunky bits of vegetables with shredded chicken and a little bit of cream cheese melted in for some richness.

Pizza – See, no wonder I’m confused, I even did my usual Monday meal on Wednesday!

Chicken, Bacon, & Leek Cottage Pie with stuffing, peas & gravy Meal number two from Pinch of Nom this week and I am really looking forward to this one. I’m hoping for flavours of a roast dinner, just with much less faff.

Fajita Orzotto & Fresh Bread – Yep, you guessed it – Comfort Food meal number three. This one is a fajita spiced ‘risotto’ made with orzo pasta rather than rice which means it is both quicker and requires less stirring whilst cooking. The kids love fajita flavoured things so long as I remember to go big on the flavour and cool on the spicing (and/or have sour cream or similar on hand!)

Weekend Meals

No clue! Ran out of brain power before I got this far, probably something simple and warming like pasta bake, or else Tori will take over and make dinner for us because she sometimes likes doing that at the weekends.


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