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Mushroom, Mushroom!

Badger badger badger badger…. just kidding, I’m not going to throw that one at you again!

No, what I’m actually here for is to say ‘oooh I found two more types of mushroom on the lawn!’ because apparently that’s a thing I excitedly share with you guys now.

I also sit down and try to identify them for you – did you know there are some quite amusingly named mushrooms in the UK?! From the Blushing Wood through to the Destroying Angel, I have quite enjoyed discovering them. But please don’t use any of my posts as reliable ID guides… I don’t really know anything about mushrooms.

First up is this handsome ‘shroom…

There are three or four of these next to our shed and wood store, it’s a spot that is shady morning and evening, but gets sunshine through the middle of the day. Chase knocked one over when he was snuffling around so I brought it in to study the colour it bruised and the gills and sniff it and… stuff. Because these things help you tell the difference between the ones that all look the same apparently (some of them still look the same to me).

I am pretty sure this is one of the inkcaps, but whether it’s a common one (poisonous, especially when mixed with alcohol) or a woodland one, I am not sure. The stem description from the woodland one fits better with my one and the common ones look smoother than these but like I said before… I don’t really know. I am also not planning on keeping it until it ‘deliquesces’ (melts) into black goo and then mixing it with urine to make ink, which is traditionally how they did it according to my research. Um. Ew?

Then the second one is right in the middle of the lawn where it gets a bit more sunshine, and there’s LOADS of them.

These ones are pinky grey and weirdly smooth and greasy/waxy(?) to touch. It smells vaguely sweet, and is much more robust than the other one.

I am pretty certain these are one of the waxcaps but… I have no idea which one. It doesn’t seem to be right colour for any of them.

But if it isn’t one of those then I have no idea what it is because it’s, well, waxy, and has the big sturdy gill things that they have…

Any ideas, Blogsters?


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