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Soundtrack Sunday

Hey Blogsters!

I have had An Idea for my Soundtrack Sunday posts – so for the next… *does some quick maths*… 17 weeks two of my tracks on a Sunday will be songs that were at the top of the UK Music Chart on my birthday. Starting from the year I was born (1988) through to last year (2022).

I apologise in advance for a couple of them. I blame being a Summer Baby – I got a few ‘novel’ ones.

But first up this week is a track I have had on almost every day this week because it is stuck in my head and I sort of love it.

All The Way Over by Sam Ryder

I have been playing his new album ever since New Years and am still not fed up of it.

My Birthday Hits! UK Chart Toppers on my birthday in 1988 & 1989

I Owe You Nothing by Bros

Good old 80s cheese to set me off on a good footing in life!

Back To Life by Soul II Soul

And another good one! This is a bit of an ear worm though, sorry 😛


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