Penguin Awareness Day

The 20th January (today) is an important day to make sure all penguins are aware.

And for you to be aware of them.

Be aware that they are in decline and need your love and support.

Be nice to penguins today.

P…p…p…p…p…p…p…p…p…pick one up* and laugh at its joke supportively, even if it’s rubbish and you’ve heard it ten times before.

(I think the penguins and… penguiphant? pictured above were the last penguins I was aware of in person and were all found at Edinburgh Zoo.)

*Please do not pick up any *real* penguins you may happen to meet today. Unless it is a genuine part of your job. I am not encouraging penguin theft – mostly for your benefit because they stink, projectile poop, and make truly horrible noises. You do not want one in your house.

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