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The 3 Ws…

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading:

I am continuing Shropshire Folktales by Amy Douglas, Hell Bent by Leigh Bardugo, Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff In Simple Words by Randall Munroe and have started listening to the audiobook of The Nothing Girl by Jodi Taylor.

The list is slowly getting less ridiculous…

Recently finished:

The World Of The Unknown: All About Ghosts by Usborne Books was much like its UFOs series-mate. A fun flashback to childhood library visits, with interesting tidbits of ghosty information and spooky stories accompanied by ghost-hunting tips and fact-checking skills. I am now all set to investigate any creepy goings on in the vicinity.

I really enjoyed Bookworm: A Memoir of Childhood Reading by Lucy Mangan – despite her being the polar opposite of a reader to me (I am all about the fantasy and uncanny, she is all about the real world), our childhood reading clearly had a lot of crossover and it was like having a cozy book chat about reading memories with a friend. When the subject was a book I hadn’t actually read, it didn’t matter because Lucy’s writing style is so engaging that by the end of her musings it felt like I had, in fact, read whatever it was. I was left feeling comforted and full of fuzzy happy memories when I finished, having revisited my love for Milly-Molly-Mandy, The Famous Five, Ladybird Classics, and countless other childhood favourites.

Morgana by Neven Iliev was possibly my favourite instalment of the series since the first one, and I am sad that I don’t have Volume 5 to jump into already. Ah well, something to look forward to.

I also finished The Very Best of Fesshole: Britain Confesses Anonymously by Rob Manuel, which should have been on my ridiculous Currently Reading list from the start of the month, but I somehow managed to totally forget it, even though it is brilliant. It is a collection of anonymous confessions sent in to the Fesshole twitter account on every subject under the sun. Some I had seen before as I follow the account, but honestly they are almost all worth revisiting and are just as hilarious the second time round. People are awful, both by accident and deliberately.

What’s Next?

Once I finish Thing Explainer, I plan to start Recipe For Life by Mary Berry as my next non-fiction read, though I may not pick it up until I have finished Hell Bent as well because I can’t keep up this volume of book absorption forever and don’t want to hit book burn out right at the start of the year…


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