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Big Book Clean Up 2023

I don’t like to think of my TBR as Out of Control but it is a little over enthusiastic and, sometimes when it comes to choosing my next book to read, a little overwhelming.

I also have an ever-growing collection of beautiful chonky books that I never seem to get brave enough to commit to, even though they often fly by faster than expected once I actually pick them up and give them a go.

So I have picked out nine of those lovely volumes from my shelf and nudged them to the top of my list – less than one a month, in case some do turn out to be slow-burners – but still enough to feel like I’ve made a dent in the pile.

I have even made a pretty spread in my journal to record my progress in, and look! I have even finished one in the first month of the year and everything!

A journal of squared paper lies open on a desk. There is coloured washi tape around the edges, stickers of badgers, deer, turtles, and bees dotted around and 9 shiny stars as bullet points. The title 'Big Book Clean Up 2023' is written across the top.

The nine books listed are:
The Priory of the Orange Tree
Ninth House
Black Leopard, Red Wolf
The Extraordinaries
The Binding
The Ice Beneath Her
The Sword Of Albion
Empire Of The Vampire

There is a space next to each title for the date read and star rating out of 5.

The date beside Ninth House reads 08/01/2023, 5*

Admittedly, I have not picked up a second one yet, because I got distracted by Hell Bent (Ninth House #2) which is also a chunky baby, but I will be going for one of the others soon.

Which one, I don’t know. Any suggestions, Blogsters?


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