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Soundtrack Sunday

I haven’t really been in a music kind of mood this week, mostly spending my listening time with an Audiobook on instead.

However, there were a couple of musical highlights.

The Animal Fair

At Cubs on Monday we had an indoor campfire night with hot chocolate, cake, and silly songs. I dragged this one out of my memory bank and taught it to them, we even managed it in a round and everything.

Turns out I still end up saying manky monkey manky monkey by accident when I’m in the repeating group.

Needless to say I came home with this and Ging gang gooli stuck firmly in my head.

Do You Didgeridoo? by The Zingzillas

This one is Liberty’s fault. She mentioned that some hold music she was enduring involved a didgeridoo and my brain helpfully deposited this in the ear worm folder at full blast.

What useful and potentially important information have I rejected in order to retain the tune and lyrics to this CBeebies lunacy that I HAVEN’T WATCHED FOR YEARS?!?!?!

My Birthday Hits! UK Chart Toppers on my birthday in 1994 & 1995

Love Is All Around by Wet Wet Wet

Tuuuuuuuune! Love this one, and if you don’t then I fear there may be something wrong with you. Ninties gold.

Unchained Melody by Robson Green & Jerome Flynn

We must be overdue another multi-week stint of this being number one for someone random again. It’s been a while.

Jokes aside, I do love this version. And it always amuses me how these guys went from being the heartthrobs in Soldier, Soldier (they were the heartthrobs, yes? I remember them as such… but then I was seven so I may be wrong) to suddenly being popstar heartthrobs to Robson being known for extreme fishing and Jerome randomly turning up presenting GCSE Geography videos.

The internet has just informed me that they may be getting back together for a TV comeback in the near future, so that’s something to look forward to.


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