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Ooops-a Scoop

Owning any kind of pet comes with the downside of having to clean up after them in some way. By far my least favourite so far has been fish. I hate cleaning/water changing/filter sorting with a passion it turns out, and there are not enough cuddles in fish ownership to make up for the tank maintenance.

But this post is not about fish poop – if you want fish, you should check out Luke’s Goldies on YouTube, he loves fish and I get all the ‘yay fish’ pleasure from watching his channel without having to deal with the actual fish myself…

This post is about dog poop.

Dog ownership has taught me that there are poop scoop seasons – ‘I can’t see the poop in this sudden jungle’ (Spring), ‘The poop is sun baked and you can smell it on the heat waves’ (Summer), ‘Is that poop or mud? …or maybe a leaf?’ (Autumn), and finally, ‘Frozen solid, smell-free, easy to pick up’ (Winter).

It has also taught me just how many things in my garden are not poop, but look like poop when you are trying to find poop.

A List Of Things We Have Tried To Poop Scoop That Were Not Actually Poop:

  • Mud
  • Leaves
  • A Dead Sparrow
  • An Abandoned Bird Egg
  • Bigger Leaves
  • Dead Baby Birds (hatchlings too small for me to know what variety they were)
  • More Mud
  • Half A Dead Mouse (Thanks Cat-Next-Door…)
  • A Frog (still very much alive. Not sure who was more alarmed at the point I almost picked it up.)
  • Sticks
  • Dog Toys
  • Different Leaves
  • A Dead Hedgehog (That one was Arthur, not me. It was just at the start of Winter and the hog looked young – I don’t think it had managed to fatten itself up enough and got overwhelmed by a cold night.)
  • Pinecones
  • Rocks
  • Alternative Mud

So yeah, pet ownership is an adventure every day. Even when you’re doing the crap jobs. (Yes, that was deliberate and no, I’m not sorry.)


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