The Final Countdown & My New Love

Today was my very last Games Maker training session – it was gloriously sunny and toasty warm. After the session was over and we headed out out St James’s Park it suddenly dawned on me that this is it. That was it. No more training and practising, no more ‘getting to know your team’ or…… Continue reading The Final Countdown & My New Love

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365 Project Week #11 – ‘Vehicles’

MONDAY: Today started with me doing my level best to faint in the morning which was fun. Then we headed over to Wem, dropped off the Smalls with their Dad and popped in to see my parents. Then Caius and I headed off to Monday Night Snooker (where we didn’t entirely suck for a change)…… Continue reading 365 Project Week #11 – ‘Vehicles’

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The Olympics – Starting To Feel Real

This time last week I was sat in Wembley Arena with over 9,000 other people at my London 2012 Games Maker Orientation Training Event. It was about half way through, probably about 10.30am, that everything suddenly started to feel less like a dream and more like something that is actually going to happen. Seb Coe,…… Continue reading The Olympics – Starting To Feel Real

London Olympics

My Olympic Dream

I suddenly realised that I never actually wrote this post. Only thought about it. Sorry! Back in July I posted about attending my Games Maker Selection Event at Warwick University and my hopes at being chosen as a volunteer for the 2012 Olympics in London. Well, I got my results back finally and… I GOT…… Continue reading My Olympic Dream

London Olympics

Olypmics Games Maker 2012 – The Next Stage

On Wednesday I set off on the next stage of my personal adventure to try and be a part of the London 2012 Olympics. Months and months and months ago I filled in the application form to volunteer as a Games Maker, sent it off into cyberspace and sat back to wait. Well a few…… Continue reading Olypmics Games Maker 2012 – The Next Stage

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Making It Happen…Or At Least Trying To…

As some of you who follow me on Twitter (or, God forbid, actually know me in Real Life) will know, I have applied to be a ‘GamesMaker’ at the 2012 Olympic Games. For those not in the know a ‘GamesMaker’ is one of the thousands of volunteers that come together to help make the whole…… Continue reading Making It Happen…Or At Least Trying To…