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Dear So-And-So

It’s that time of the week again over at 3BedroomBungalow – deep breath everyone…and here we go:

Dear Every Single Idiot That Was Attending Last Night’s ‘I Have The Loudest Car/Bike’ Competition On Our Road,

I hate you all. So does Tori. You scared her, woke her up repeatedly and then kept her up until well past 1am.

Yours, Utterly Seething & Exhausted Mother


Dear Wind,

Please stop making our fireplace clatter all the time, it keeps making me jump.

Yours, Twitchy


Dear Tori,

I’m sorry we didn’t make it out for our walk to the shop today but the wind put Mummy and Daddy off. Plus you didn’t wake up from your nap until it was dark…

All My Love, Your Slightly-Useless-Mummy


Dear BMB,

THANK YOU for picking me as a winner after the Thursday Twitter #secretgoodness party. It was a lovely surprise and the Secret Agent Day is going to make a certain special person a very happy lad 🙂

Love, Chuffed-Mummy-Blogger/@caroleheidi


Dear Body,

Celery and white chocolate is not a normal combination. Stop craving it, you freak.

Yours, Pregnant-and-Baffled



Dear Iron Count,

Please go back to normal so that I’m not permanently exhausted. Thank you.

Yours, Anaemic

4 thoughts on “Dear So-And-So

  1. If ever I get pregnant I hope to whatever higher powers might be out there that my cravings aren’t celery and white chocolate. My two least favourite things… XD

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