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Reasons To Be Cheerful 1, 2, 3…

Yet another week has flown by without bothering to stop and let me know it was in a rush, I have been in bed by 8pm at least three times (once by 5pm – I went to bed before my 18mo, this is what pregnancy has done to me. Lame.) and I’m not entirely sure how it has got to Thursday *again*…..

As always, my list of reasons to be cheerful could be endless but I will restrain myself 😉


The Weekend was pure, simple joy.

Part of the reason I have had to sleep so much was the weekend. Saturday was full of friends, family, cake and music. So was Sunday.

Yes, Me & Liberty did eat *that much* cake in *one* sitting...and half a pint of custard each...

It was busy and manic and exciting and brimming with laughter. I got to spend time with my best friend and eat too much pizza, cake (the recipe for which is here) and custard whilst oogling Andrew Lee-Potts in Alice (he really shouldn’t be as attractive as he is in that hideous shirt…but he so is…).

Then I got to enjoy a concert by Of One Accord in celebration of my Mum and our friend Alwyn’s 60th birthdays – I *always* love their concerts and I’m so proud of my Mum for being part of them. The concert itself was brilliant, the audience was enthusiastic, appreciative and HUGE! Our church was packed with lots of people I knew and lots I didn’t – many of which were people I consider my extended  family from church, others were people my Mum works with (several of whom taught me at school when I was, say, about 7!) and then others I haven’t the foggiest who they were but they were there and therefore a welcome part of the party!

Then on the Sunday it was church in the morning and after the service we brought out all the leftover cakes and biscuits from the concert interval and shared them with everyone again. It was like another mini party.




I went shopping.

It’s been a while since I got to go on the train to town by myself and just have a wander round. As it was, on Sy’s day off, he decided to babysit Tori and let me go have a waddle round the shops by myself. I did lots of window shopping, mostly eyeing up clothes I would like to fit in some time reasonably soon and also picked up and couple of cute treats for BabyBump and something nice for Tori too because I don’t want her feeling left out. I was only there for two hours and came home feeling like I’d run half a marathon but it was great to have a bit of me time wandering round whatever shops I wanted without having to manoeuvre a pushchair or entertain a bored toddler.



I got the banana out of the curtains.

This morning Daddy gave Tori a banana for breakfast in bed as he left for work and I was still dozing in bed. It was chopped up neatly in a bowl all very civilised. Normally, banana vanishes in the space of a heartbeat. Not today.

Today Tori waited for Daddy to leave and, whilst waiting for Mummy to sort herself out and drag herself out of bed, decided to experiment with her bowl of banana…

She mushed it. Smooshed some against the ends of her cot. Trampled it into her mattress (caking her feet in it). Rolled in it (I think). Rolled her cuddly toys in it. Mashed it into her nice cream curtains. Somehow got it in the carpet (!?!). Squished it into her blankets. Splurged it through her hair.

And somehow still had some left in the bowl.

Needless to say, after a moment of just staring at the disaster area in shock, I retrieved Tori and we shared a shower. She hates having her hair washed almost more than anything else but today I showed no mercy. She had A LOT of banana in her hair. Banana sets solid. She was not a happy bunny by the time I was through.


Tori was then dumped unceremoniously into her playpen whilst I stripped her bed, rescued the pathetically sticky looking soft toys, took down the curtains, cleaned the carpet and started the washing/cleaning marathon.

The banana came out of everything eventually. Even Penguin’s fluff and beak (Poor creature had more washes than everything else to get him clean). This makes me cheerful because, for a while, I had images of everything being stained permanently banana-black.

If I never see another banana again it will be too soon.


So, what are your reasons to be cheerful this week? Hop on over to Michelle’s blog (via the button) and see what everyone else is cheerful about this week. And remember – keep smiling! Even when the dreaded mashed banana strikes…

(And I believe the banana incident qualifies as a second entry this week for Paula QWERTY Mum‘s link up – The Things Kids Do!)


17 thoughts on “Reasons To Be Cheerful 1, 2, 3…

  1. I am so looking forward to going back to church with the twins. We have not been since they were born because of the risk of cold and flu. We will start again as soon as spring is sprung and I cannot wait. What a lovely weekend you had x

    1. Aww I hope Spring hurries up for you 🙂 I think Tori’s only missed about 4 or 5 weeks at church since she was born. She was just 4 days old on her first trip!

      It’s funny, you meet some of the old ladies from church in the supermarket with their friends/family and they always introduce her saying ‘this is our baby, Tori’ – it’s like she’s everybody at church’s baby. Makes me so proud of her and pleased to be part of such a loving church family.

  2. Great reasons to be cheerful. Thanks for your lovely comment.

    That cake in reason 1 looks yummy and I know what you mean about the blackness of bananas – yuk!

    Liska x

  3. It is a very odd thing that hearing about other messy disasters in other people’s houses is always so reassuring and funny whilst a torment in your own home. I can’t claim banana crisis but this week I found out that you can get felt tip off walls with antibacterial handwash. Overjoyed at this discovery – shows what being a Mum does to you.
    Pleased you had a good weekend with family and community,
    Shopping alone is a rare pleasure with small children. I take full advantage of this joy now all mine are in school.
    My reasons at over at
    Lovely to find your blog and love that photo of eyes.

    1. Ooo *makes note of felt tip removal tips* – the banana incident is quite funny now that I’ve finished being horrified. But I must say I do feel better when I see other people having similar moments – misery loves company and all that!

      I love that picture too – it’s rare to get Tori looking at the camera properly and she has such beautiful eyes I had to take advantage of it and use it!

  4. Banana that is ripe is truely Devils food – just before ripeness on bread and butter, however! Or with custard! Now they are winning formulas.

    Beautiful video clip. Wish I could sing.

    And last but not least, (shameless plug) please visit, my Weekend Creation Blog Hop which is on right now for the whole weekend – that is if you’d like to link up your creations/blog or meet other creative bloggers?

    Over @ Shah ;D X

    1. Banana and custard is about the only time I enjoy the horrible things!! That and when it is baked in bread – it’s somehow less banana-y then!!

      I shall have a think for this week’s Blog Hop and link up later 🙂

  5. Hi, it’s my first visit to your Blog. Great cheerfulness reasons! I can sympathise with the banana, I have many black banana marks on baby vests and tops these days.

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