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Dear So-And-So

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Dear Arthur,

I’m sorry I took you to the hospital and let the mean nurses prod you and poke you and do the nasty blood tests but it’s all for the best.

I love you,

Mummy x



Dear Sunshine,

Where’d you go? Come back!!

Yours hopefully,




Dear Sy,

Sorry I’m useless and grouchy and randomly burst into tears all the time at the moment. I’ll get better. Promise.

Love you,




Dear Body,

Sorry about the whole surviving on emergency supplies thing, Arthur hasn’t quite got the hang of sleeping at night instead of during the day yet. It’ll improve soon.





Dear Twits Outside,

I am very tired and very grumpy – if you start driving around like pillocks again, I may come outside and throw dirty nappies at your chavved up Metros.

You have been warned.





Dear Tori & Arthur,

I’m sorry if I’m a bit rubbish at the moment and don’t play with you enough/feed you on time/grumble about nappy changes/forget to bring biscuits on day trips/leave your favourite teddy at home when we go out. I’m still getting used to having two of you to look after and it’s easy to forget stuff. We’ll get there together though.

I love you,





Dear Self,

I will make some ‘me’ time soon and we can make friends again. I miss you.



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