30 Day Book Challenge · Books · Fantasy

30 Day Book Challenge: Day Thirteen

A Book Whose Main Character Is Most Like You

Um. For this one I am going to go with the only character anyone has ever said I’m like and that is Cara from Terry Goodkind’s Sword Of Truth Saga.

I will admit that I’m not entirely sure what the similarities between us are meant to have been but the guy was insistent. Cara is clearly just the kick-ass, cool version of me.  (Part of the reason I’m not arguing is because she’s one of my favourite characters ever.)

And yes, before you ask, I have read (and own) all 11 books. Yes, they are all breeze block sized.  (Oh, and I have the mini prequel book too.) And yes, I have had a lot of ear-bashing for liking them so much. Personally I think they are a good example of epic fantasy. I was sad when the last one came out because I knew there would be no more.

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