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Making It Happen…Or At Least Trying To…

As some of you who follow me on Twitter (or, God forbid, actually know me in Real Life) will know, I have applied to be a ‘GamesMaker’ at the 2012 Olympic Games. For those not in the know a ‘GamesMaker’ is one of the thousands of volunteers that come together to help make the whole event work – afterall it doesn’t matter how much preparation they do, if no-one is there to help when it all kicks off the whole thing will be a disaster.

They’re getting enough bad press as it is at the moment what with the whole ticket thing (I didn’t apply for any and thus wasn’t one of the disappointed many, however I know several people that were and I know how irritated they are with how unfair the ‘fair’ systen turned out to be) so they could do without it all falling apart on the day too.

So, I filled in the three hundred page long application form (that may be a slight exaggeration, but only slight. It did take nearly 3 hours…) months and months ago then hovered around my hotmail account waiting for news. Finally, two weeks ago an email appeared – I’m through to a selection event – HURRAH!

This means I have to go to Warwick University on the 13th July for an interview and to have my picture taken (must remember to brush my hair properly…) and to watch a motivational video amongst other things (I’m a bit hazy on the details).

An interview. Erk. I haven’t had an interview since, well, um…ever? Applying for University was probably my last interview and the one interview I remember from that went something along the lines of:

Lecturer: We aren’t actually running the course you applied for next year but we have integrated it with our English Literature course.

Me: Oh. Why didn’t you tell me this before and I wouldn’t have bothered dragging myself all the way out here…

Lecturer: Our English Literature course is very good. Would you like me to tell you about it?

Me: Um. No not really. I hate English Literature.

Lecturer: Tell you what, I’ll just give you this course outline. Enjoy your look around campus. Sorry about the weather.

Me: Thank you. For absolutely nothing.

Yeah. I didn’t go to Camarthen Uni. I hated it. But we did see two beautiful Red Kites on the way home very close up so it wasn’t a total waste of a (very wet) day.

I digress. What I’m trying to say is I’m not right up on interviews and I tend to say ‘um’ a lot. And they’re going to ask me about my experience and stuff and I bet I’m going to get muddled and sound like a twerp.

But you never know, I might be okay and not look like an idiot and maybe, just maybe, I might pass and get through and GO TO THE OLYMPICS! Which would be epic.

This sort of thing is a once in a lifetime opportunity and yes it means that I am going to have to find my way to Warwick Uni on my own and leave Arthur behind for the first whole day since he was born (and hope that 1. he decides that drinking expressed milk from a bottle isn’t too much of a hardship afterall and 2. my boobs don’t explode – I may take a change of top and my breast pump in my bag just in case) BUT if I do get through and get to go it will be an experience I will never forget and never ever get the chance to repeat.

Exciting much?!

Have you applied to be a GamesMaker too? Have you had your interview? Is it scary? Did you get tickets? What for?

2 thoughts on “Making It Happen…Or At Least Trying To…

  1. That’s REALLY exciting! Keeping everything crossed for you and you must let us know how you get on! Just think confident for your interview, smile, and it’ll be
    (Maybe they could make breast pumping an olympic sport?) xxx


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