Lessons In Life

Lessons In Life #25

Lesson 25

No one is in charge of your happiness but you.

I wish I’d paid attention to this sooner, but you live and you learn. I know it now.

It is much easier to keep up with Dennis when I look after myself in more ways than just washing and feeding my body when it needs it. When my mind is healthy and exercised, when I’m laughing and smiling, chasing my dreams, following what I want to do and generally doing things that make me happy like talking to my friends I can keep up with Dennis. He can drag me through crap in his crazy dance but I can keep up, I might stumble and trip but if I’m essentially happy I can get up and catch up. My friends will help me.

My family. My friends. My children. My dreams. My books. My interests. All the things that make me happy. The things I used to set aside sometimes to ensure the happiness of other people, regardless of myself. The things I pushed aside sometimes to try and be the person other people wanted or expected me to be.

I can’t, no, I WON’T do that any more. I am me. These things make me happy. Don’t like it? Tough. I’m going to continue regardless, I am in charge of my happiness not you. If I don’t keep myself going then Dennis is going to have a field day. And he is not allowed to win.


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