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Lessons In Life #27

Lesson 27

Always choose life.

Always. Even when you feel like there isn’t any point and the world would be better and easier for everyone without you. Choose life.

Choose sunshine through the trees and raindrops on your cheeks.

Choose the warmth of a duvet on a chilly evening, the chill of a glass against your skin and the comforting glow of streetlights outside your window.

Don’t give in to overwhelming emotions – live them. Burn with anger, wallow in sadness, revel in joy, swallow fear, delight in simple happiness and close your eyes and let love carry you through.

Today might feel impossible, tomorrow might be hard but before long they’ll both be yesterday and you can leave them behind and focus on having a better day after that.

And as we all well know – the sun always shines tomorrow. And there are sticky hands to hold, tired bodies to carry to bed, chocolates to eat and furry ears to tickle.

Always choose life because life always has something new to offer you. Even if it’s hard to reach.

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