Lessons In Life

Lessons In Life #37

Lesson #37

Your children only get one childhood.

This doesn’t mean let them have every toy in the toyshop and every sweet on the shelf. It does mean let them grow up and learn in an environment of love, laughter and freedom. Let them explore their world themselves whenever it’s safe, let them play in the mud and go out in the rain. Play silly games with them and fill their hearts and heads with happy memories to talk about when they are older.

My children aren’t part of a perfect 2.4 family. They are growing up with their Mummy and Daddy in separate houses, separate lives – but they are growing up knowing they are loved to the moon and back and their lives are full of as many giggles as any other child’s.

They only get one childhood. I am giving them the best one I can and I like to think that I’m not doing too bad a job of it (with more than a little help from my friends and family, of course).


What are these Lessons In Life? – See my first post here to find out.

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