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Fifty Things To Do Before You’re 11&3/4

The other day I signed Tori & Arthur up on the National Trust ’50 Things’ website. It’s a list of the top 50 outdoorsy things you should do before you are 11¾ – things that more and more kids are maybe missing out on these days because of opting to stay inside and do it…… Continue reading Fifty Things To Do Before You’re 11&3/4

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Meal Planning Lethargy

I used to really enjoy meal planning for the week, and also enjoy cooking for the family. I liked experimenting as well as making the fail-safes and favourites and I liked choosing recipes that challenged me with either new ingredients or new cooking styles. I loved my kitchen. Past tense. Now Tori is older she…… Continue reading Meal Planning Lethargy

Lessons In Life

Lessons In Life #37

Lesson #37 Your children only get one childhood. This doesn’t mean let them have every toy in the toyshop and every sweet on the shelf. It does mean let them grow up and learn in an environment of love, laughter and freedom. Let them explore their world themselves whenever it’s safe, let them play in…… Continue reading Lessons In Life #37

Lessons In Life

Lessons In Life #12

Lesson 12 It’s okay to let your children see you cry. I didn’t think it was. I thought you had to be endlessly fearless, perfectly strong, mighty and indestructible all of the time. I thought you had to be the one ready to fight the monsters in the cupboard, growl back at the thunder, stand…… Continue reading Lessons In Life #12

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The Gallery: Children

This week’s theme on Tara’s StickyFingers Gallery is Children. I have a daughter, who is everything, and a BabyBump, who is very close becoming a newborn and even more everything. But as well as them I have a Sy. Who, sometimes, is the perfect extra child – no nappies to change but still needs feeding,…… Continue reading The Gallery: Children