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Meal Planning Lethargy

I used to really enjoy meal planning for the week, and also enjoy cooking for the family. I liked experimenting as well as making the fail-safes and favourites and I liked choosing recipes that challenged me with either new ingredients or new cooking styles. I loved my kitchen.

Past tense.

Now Tori is older she is turning into a fussy eater. A very fussy eater. She’s reluctant even to try things – you ask her to just try one mouthful and she throws a full on tantrum. It’s tiring and frustrating and I feel like all we are eating as a family is cheese on toast and jam sandwiches.

I know that’s not true – I do cook other things for just me and Caius or even try to give us all the same meal. Arthur is less fussy than Tori but is still wary of new things and when half of the present company rejects your food with tears and tantrums it drains your will to try anything else.

I hate it.

I sit down to meal plan and get the urge to burst into frustrated tears.

It’s not helped by the price of everything and our current lack of a freezer. Eating just seems like such a struggle – I wish I had a money tree so that I could live off takeaways and pre-prepared stuff and not deal with the heartache and headache of trying to feed my family myself.

I think that’s it. I feel like I am failing Tori every time I present her with something she doesn’t like or won’t try and I don’t know how to fix it.

My latest attempt is to order Annabel Karmel’s Fussy Eater’s Recipe BookIt should arrive later this week and I’m hoping that I will be able to tempt Tori into being more adventurous with the recipes in it, or even just persuade her to eat some normal stuff like meat that isn’t chicken or sausages and anything that has a sauce on it. Seriously, if it’s wet Tori won’t touch it – with the exception of spaghetti shapes, which she LOVES. Fickle child.

I really hope that I start to find a few more things that Tori, and to some extent Arthur, will eat so that our diet can expand as a family and I can stop having to cook 3 different meals every night – one for me and Caius, one for Tori and another one for Arthur.

I miss enjoying time in the kitchen, it was good me-time with purpose. Now it just feels like wasted effort and pouring half-chewed money in the bin.

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