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Fifty Things To Do Before You’re 11&3/4

The other day I signed Tori & Arthur up on the National Trust ’50 Things’ website. It’s a list of the top 50 outdoorsy things you should do before you are 11¾ – things that more and more kids are maybe missing out on these days because of opting to stay inside and do it virtually instead.

There’s everything from ‘find some frogspawn’ to ‘abseil’ via ‘light a fire without any matches’ and ‘roll down a really big hill’ – split into five categories: Adventurer, Discoverer, Ranger, Tracker and Explorer.

Obviously some things the kids won’t be able to do for a few years yet, but there’s more than enough on the list to keep them going for now and we started today.

This afternoon we ticked off the first thing on their list by dressing up warmly and piling out into the cold to ‘throw some snow’ – and throw it we did. All of us.

Then we built a snowman, made snowangels, wrote things and ran around like loons.

It was cold, wet and great fun – and unlike last time it snowed, it was perfect for snowmen and snowballs. Nice and sticky!

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50 Things To Do Before You’re 11¾ – 1/50

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3 thoughts on “Fifty Things To Do Before You’re 11&3/4

  1. Love your photos, we still haven’t had enough snow to make more than a mini snow man. The little ones look beautifully wrapped up to help Daddy with the snow man. Wonderful outdoor fun. Thanks for linking up and another tick on the 50 things list too!

  2. WOW that’s one mammoth snowman! I love your slideshow. I should use them more often on my blog. This is the second blog I’ve seen the 50 things on and I’m definitely going to help my boys complete their lists now 🙂

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