Quotes of the Week

Quotes of the Week

Tori in the  bathroom:

Tori: Naughty toilet seat!


Tori has earache:

Mummy: We’ll go get you some Calpol.
Tori: *sounding panicked* Don’t put it in my ear though!!


Arthur hasn’t seen Caius since Monday, it is now Thursday afternoon:

Arthur: CaiCai!

Mummy: He’s not home yet.

Arthur: *climbs onto Caius’s office chair* CAICAI! CUDDLE!

Mummy: In the morning, he’s not home yet.



Looking at a toy polar bear:

Mummy: How many eyes has he got?

Arthur: Two!

Mummy: How many ears?

Arthur: Two!

Mummy: How many noses?

Arthur: One!

Mummy: How many feet?

Arthur: *turns bear over to count* One, two, one, two… NINE!


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