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Discovering Autumn

Last Autumn Arthur was only a few months old and not really up to exploring and due to our family situation Tori didn’t have as many opportunities to explore the wonder of the changing seasons as I’d have liked.

This year I want to do my best to make up for that.

Tori gets a taste of the misty, cool mornings three times a week as we stroll to school and enjoys paddling through the puddles of fallen leaves and looking at the changes in the hedges as we walk. She even likes it when it’s raining because she gets to take her Minnie Mouse umbrella with her and tries to get away with splashing in the real puddles.

Arthur also loves the leaves and the puddles.

The other day Caius, English Folkfan and I took the Smalls to the park for a run about which quickly turned into the Smalls rolling in the leaves whilst Caius and I fooled around playing football very badly.

It was good to feel the cold air on our cheeks, run around in the sunshine and spend some time having simple outdoor family fun – you can’t beat the Autumn sun, drifts of leaves, a football and people you care about.

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(Many thanks to English Folkfan for the photos as I managed to go out without my camera)

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One thought on “Discovering Autumn

  1. I am with you all the way, these are the afternoons that make memories! Simple happy fun with those you love, what could be better! I love your photos, looks like such a carefree afternoon. Thank you for joining my Birthday Country Kids linky.

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