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Quotes of the Week

From the front room I hear: Arthur (shouting): Help! Help! Down! Help! Tori: Coming Arthur! *pause* I’m sorry, I can’t help you. Arthur (disappointed tone): Okay *heavy sigh* I then walk into the room to find Arthur stuck in a box with his knees round his ears and a look of resigned acceptance on his…… Continue reading Quotes of the Week


Disney Fairies 5-In-1 Easel Activity Set ~ Product Review

My very lucky daughter was kindly given the opportunity to review Disney Store UK’s Fairies 5-in-1 Easel Activity Set and to say she was pleased is a bit of an understatement. After all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, Tori was feeling a distinct lack of presents, so this turning up on the doorstep was a…… Continue reading Disney Fairies 5-In-1 Easel Activity Set ~ Product Review

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365 Project Week 34 ~ ‘Family’

CHRISTMAS EVE: ‘Twas the night before Christmas… CHRISTMAS DAY: Santa’s been!! BOXING DAY: Playing with new toys – Small free!! THURSDAY (Christmas Take Two): Because families are too big to squish together all the time – we get to do everything twice and get double the love!! FRIDAY: There is no love quite like the…… Continue reading 365 Project Week 34 ~ ‘Family’

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Quotes Of The Week

From the mouths of babes… * Driving to the Christingle service at Ellerdine on Christmas Eve… Arthur: Moon! Moon! Moon! Moon! Moon! Moon! Moon! Mummy: …Arthur, they’re street lights… * On Christmas Day, Tori walks into the front room and up to her Uncle Nad… Tori: You’re my wife! * Tori: I’m going to be…… Continue reading Quotes Of The Week

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365 Project Week 30 ~ ‘Food’

MONDAY:Tori is ill so she was off school today. We dropped the Smalls off with their Daddy and then crawled our way home and decided we were too tired and wiped out to cook and spoiled ourselves to a Chinese Takeaway. I thought about writing some more NaNoWriMo words, what with it being the end…… Continue reading 365 Project Week 30 ~ ‘Food’

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On Wanting To Give Up

Tomorrow is the final day of NaNoWriMo and I should be sailing through to the finish. Happy, exultant and relishing in my 50,000 word novel first draft. Instead, I am curled on the sofa 3,247 words from the finish wondering if I can give up yet. Three thousand words. That’s nothing really, I’ve written nearly…… Continue reading On Wanting To Give Up