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It was MD Writer’s Club last night and in a change from our usual programme we had a guest speaker in. Brenda Read-Brown is a writer, primarily a performance poet and it was brilliant to listen to her – I forget how much I love watching performance poets because they challenge me to think often at the same time as making me cry laughing.

After listening to some of her work she lead us through a brilliant little workshop that ended in us having to write a poem, choosing from on of three prompts/themes:

1) A poem about somebody you know using a list of items/objects as the base.
2) A character poem beginning with the line ‘It’s always, always the same…’
3) A Magic box poem. (The box being filled with things that you love – pull one out, write it)

Liberty and I both chose to do option 1 and Lib’s effort was amazing (read it here) especially because she can’t stand writing poetry most of the time.

Here is my effort:


Sticky fingerprints that
smell faintly of berries
on the wall beside the door.
A bottle, half empty,
abandoned in a pool on the floor.

A small green train,
well loved, paint chipped,
stands at a station of dismantled
Duplo castles.

A teddy bear with his bow untied
sits solemnly guarding a
picnic of pencil crayons on
placemats of paper.

Half a scribble on the door,
Books untidy in a puddle
beside the bookshelf.

Red tractor, blue elephant,
half a jigsaw puzzle
carefully placed, one at a time
but all in a muddle.

A sock, just one,
Lost halfway beneath the cot.
Waiting to be reunited,
a false hope. Wishful thinking.

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