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I Believe In Fairies ~ a prompt for @libertyfallsdwn

This week has been one of little niggly things resulting in several moments of grumpiness, stroppiness and quite a few tears – and that’s before you take the kids into consideration. Things have been forgotten and/or lost, random allergies have popped up and a million other tiny annoying things have happened – I’m quite looking forward to next week so we can start over.

However, today is Caius’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) so there is, at least, plenty of cake floating around to patch things up.

Cake doesn’t add to wordcounts though, sadly, else I’d be roaring ahead in my NaNo. But prompts help add to Lib’s so here’s her next one for the next story in her There’s No Such Thing As Fairies series 🙂

Liberty, your prompt for this week is:




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