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Hello Kitty Luch Bag – A Review for Internet Gift Store

Tori had a surprise this morning – a shiny new lunch bag bearing the face of one of her favourite characters, Hello Kitty!

It went down a storm, to put it mildly. She was carrying it round the house for a good half an hour before we actually had to leave for pre-school!

As well as featuring a bold and umistakable design, the lunch bag is surprisingly practical. I wasn’t sure how much I was going to be able to fit in it, what with it being shaped like Kitty’s face complete with ears and sticky out whiskers.

DSCF7620 (1024x768)

It turns out they have been very clever and for all it looks Kitty shaped, it is actually fairly ‘straight’ when you try and pack it. This means it is plenty spacious enough to fit a packed lunch in, complete with a drink. The material is wipe-clean too so when it inevitably comes home sticky, I will be able to clean it with very little effort – always a plus point!

DSCF7621 (1024x768)

There is a cute ‘This lunch bag belongs to’ label on the bottom too, so there’s no chance of someone else eating your dinner!

DSCF7619 (1024x768)

Tori was SO in love with her new lunch bag that she carried it to school herself which almost never happens. I am a big fan of this development, especially when today she eventually decided she couldn’t possibly carry it any further, Arthur volunteered to carry it instead because he also loves Hello Kitty!

Tori’s Hello Kitty lunch bag is available from Internet Gift Store for just £8.99 where they have a brilliant selection of lunch bags and boxes to suit anyone’s tastes. There’s everything from Angry Birds and Spiderman to Doctor Who and Justin Beiber – I’m already resisting buying Arthur one for when he starts Pre-school and that’s not for months yet!


Disclaimer: I was sent one Hello Kitty lunch bag by Visualsoft UK Ltd/Internet Gift Store in return for this review. No other payment or incentive was offered or received.

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