Quotes of the Week · Toddler

Quotes of the Week

Potty training is fun…

Arthur: Up! Up! Please!

Caius: No, you’ll wee on me!


Arthur has a big ride-on Lightning McQueen and a small toy one. He is looking for one of them…

Mummy: Are you looking for the big one?

Arthur: No, TITTLE ONE!


Tori: Arthur! Be good.

Arthur: NO WAAAY!!


‘Muffin’ the small plastic bird is lost. Arthur is hunting…

Arthur: *singing* Nuffin want go home! Nuffin want go HOME!


Mummy: Are you coming with me to collect Tori or not?

Arthur: Yeah, not. Coming!

Mummy: Is that a yes or a no?

Arthur: Yeah.


Mummy: So, who’s hungy?

Tori: I’m hungry said Tori!

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