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Sport is ‘Fun’

You may have established from reading this blog that I am not big on sport or exercise. I’m not a big fan of watching it and I’m even less of a fan of getting off my bottom and taking part.

Which is why I’m still a little bit bemused/confused/stunned at myself for signing up to take part in a triathlon in September.

Yes, a triathlon. Where I have to endure take part in not one, but three events. One of which I enjoy, one I will do willingly but don’t like much and one that scares me witless.


It’s labelled as a ‘fun’ triathlon, good for beginners. It’s only a ‘sprint’ so it’s not any colossal distances in sporting terms (but practically a marathon in Carole terms…) but it’s enough to give me The Fear.

It kicks off with a 200m swim which is dead easy. I can do that. I can do it in about 5minutes 40seconds now so give it two months training and I should be clearing it in 5min 35s no problem. Stage one of Triathlon sorted, no problem.

It finished with a 2.5km run which I can already do. Sort of. It’s not much of a run and more of a jog/walk but I can do it already in about 25minutes. I usually run 5km when I go out (in just under 45min) and come back half-dead, so only doing half that distance seems manageable and not too scary. Hard work, but not impossible.

Two parts out of three, I am willing to face already.

Sadly, between those two comes the Cycling stage. 20km of cycling.

Just typing that makes me shudder.

The last time I rode a bike properly was when I was 5 months pregnant with Tori. I decided I felt unsafe and stopped riding and just never got back on it. So that was a good four years ago and I was a nervy rider then.

I am worse now.

I went out for about three minutes with Caius the other day to check my bike was in working order (mostly all good aside from a bit of a rattle in the front gears) and hit at least two points where I wanted to throw myself off the bike and curl up and cry in terror.

This is going to take some real work if the cycling stage is going to happen.

I’m not aiming for any particular time overall, I just want to finish. I want to prove to myself that I can knuckle down and do this. I want to feel fitter and healthier in myself and I want to be able to ride a bike without my heart in my mouth and the permanent urge to vomit with fear.

I have until September 8th to train up.

Suddenly that doesn’t seem like long enough…

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