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Mike the Knight at Warwick Castle

On Saturday we were very kindly invited to visit Warwick Castle to celebrate the forthcoming release of the second series of CBeebies’ favourite Mike the Knight.

We were lucky to have a beautiful day to explore and experience the wonders of the Castle and the extra Mike the Knight activities which be returning for a second weekend 6th-7th July and are well worth a visit.


Our two knights-in-training particularly loved Galahad’s Gallop (hobby-horse racing) and helping to build Glendragon castle with the ‘squishy’ bricks and the sandpit was a perfect spot to wind down at the end of our busy day. So much so that Arthur almost fell asleep in it with his spade in hand!

By far our favourite Mike the Knight activity though, was the Dragon Egg Hunt which lead us through Warwick Castle’s beautiful grounds – through everything from the rose gardens to the mill – and Tori enjoyed practising her letters to find the final clue for the last egg.

Of course, a highlight for the Smalls was meeting Mike the Knight himself. Tori was so taken with him that the first thing she did was take his hand and give it a kiss. She even wanted to run back and give him a cuddle when she realised that she had forgotten – we placated her by reminding her that a kiss is even more special than a cuddle!!


There is also the most amazing sand sculpture sandcastle on display. Created in six days by Raymond Wirick, the 30 ton display consists of three castles – Warwick, Buckingham Palace and Mike’s Glendragon Castle. It features Mike himself and some of his friends from the series and is truly a spectacle to behold. A little Summer taste of the seaside in one of the furthest places from the sea in Britain.

As well as enjoying the Mike the Knight activities we explored the other things Warwick has to offer – watching the Warwick Warriors display of sword fighting and blade mastery, seeing eagles soar onto the Castle towers above us, exploring the Great Hall and State Rooms and rounding off our visit by watching the impressive Trebuchet fling a fireball across the grounds!

We even braved the Tower and Ramparts walk and all 536 steps up and down them! Tori walked the WHOLE way. She’s not four ’til next month and took on every single one of those 536 steps and won – granted some of them were scaled on all fours or slid down on her bottom but she wasn’t carried at all. Even Arthur had a good go at them himself, although he seemed oddly convinced that the darker sections of staircase contained scary dinosaurs.

Tori almost braved the Gaol but chickened out in the dark at the bottom of the stairs – which is more than Arthur or I did as we sat out in the sunshine!

There is plenty more to do at Warwick Castle – so much that I’m sure there’s no way you could squish it all into one day. We didn’t go into the Merlin Tower, or any of the other storylined sections, as the Smalls aren’t quite old enough to appreciate them yet and wouldn’t have the patience to hang around whilst Caius and I explored them. We will just have to come back next year to do those bits.

There is also the Castle Dungeons attraction which Caius and I would have liked to visit but is not for the faint hearted (or under 10s) so will have to wait for a visit where we are with someone else who can Small-sit whilst we go experience the gore and gunge of the dungeons.

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5 thoughts on “Mike the Knight at Warwick Castle

    1. Was great to meet you too – no worries about the juice, we ended up with about 6 magazines anyway and caius dried off pretty fast!!! Hope you had a good time too, despite the juice mishap 🙂


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