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Mike The Knight: Be A Knight, Do It Right! ~ DVD Review

Ever since our visit to see Mike The Knight at Warwick Castle, the Smalls have been obsessed – their games regularly involve them running around shouting ‘Be A Knight, Do It Right!’, riding their hobby dragon (we don’t have a horse…) and waving various objects as swords.

So when the opportunity arose for us to help review the latest Mike The Knight DVD, who was I to refuse?

The new DVD from HIT Entertainment is called Mike The Knight: Be A Knight, Do It Right!’ and features seven episodes from the CBeebies series.

The Smalls love watching his adventures and giggle at Mike’s antics with Squirt and Sparkie the dragons, Gallahad the horse and all their friends. They enjoy talking about what is happening and often discuss what they have seen after the DVD has finished and they are replaying the episodes with their toys together.

My favourite episode on the DVD involves Mike trying to win three trophies in one day by competing in a series of ‘Knightly Games’ with his friends. Whenever a game is completed and Mike hasn’t won, he changes the rules to make himself the winner and claims the triumphs as his own, hurting everyone else’s feelings in the process.

At the end of the Games, when he claims the trophies, Mike sees how unhappy his friends are and learns the lesson that winning isn’t all that matters. With his catchphrase shout, ‘Be a knight, do it right!’ Mike sets out to make it up to his friends and puts things back how they should be, realising that there are even better things in life than winning trophies.

This is a particularly good episode to talk about with Tori at the moment. Being four, she is at the age where she pushes, shoves and plays dirty to come first and bends the truth to ‘win’ and get herself out of trouble and this episode is a good way to explain to her that acting that way makes people sad and cross and isn’t a very nice thing to do.

The DVD has provided valuable entertainment on rainy Summer Holiday days and is also good for putting on when we need the Smalls to sit still for a few minutes and calm down (before tea time for example) because you can choose to watch just one episode at a time.

Mike The Knight: Be A Knight, Do It Right! DVD runs for about 84 minutes has an RRP of £12.99 and is available at all good retailers and on Amazon.

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We were kindly sent a check disk copy of Mike The Knight: Be A Knight, Do It Right! in return for an honest review. No other payment was offered or received and all opinions are our own.

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