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101 Things in 1001 Days ~ 239 Days Remaining

On the 11th July 2011 I decided to take on the Day Zero challenge of completing 101 things in 1001 days.

At the time, 1001 days was the kind of timescale that makes your brain go ‘that’s ages, no worries’ – but all of a sudden I have less than a year left to finish it all off. My deadline is 8th April 2014. Eeek!

I have done 81 out of 101 of my ‘things’, which isn’t bad going. But this does leave 20 challenges unfinished.

I’m not going to lie, my current 101 list is different from the one I published in 2011 but my life changed dramatically between then and now so some of the challenges became either irrelevant or impossible so I adapted the list. I have never shortened it though, so I don’t feel that I have cheated.

So, what are my remaining 20 challenges?

1. Go back and visit Bath Cats & Dogs Home.

BCDH was my second home whilst I was at Uni and it got me through some rubbish points of life. I loved my time volunteering there and had life been different I strongly suspect I would still be heavily involved there now. Home is a very long way from BCDH and my few trips back to Bath since I left Uni have not left me time to go up and visit BCDH. I am going to get there in the next 239 days though. It has been far too long.

2. Read 75 Books in one year (started 1st Jan 2013).

I am doing my level best to complete this one. I’ve read 44 out of 75 so far which is about on target if I keep up the pace.

3. Bike to Audlem & back along the canal towpaths.

I am not a big cyclist at the moment but I am trying to get into it. Audlem is suitably far away that it feels like a challenge and it also has a selection of pubs to stop at for lunch in between the getting there and the coming back. I am a big fan of mid-point rewards 😉

4. Go iceskating.

I haven’t been since my 16th birthday treat and I really want to give it another go. There’s a rink in Telford so we really have no excuse not to go in the next few months.

5. Take Tori & Arthur to London.

The Smalls haven’t yet visited our Capital City and I feel they should at least meet it briefly some time. Maybe we could go to one of the museums with them – any suggestions? (They are 2 & 4)

6. Cook every recipe in the My Daddy Cooks recipe book.

There are 100 recipes in the book and so far I have cooked 49. I need to get cracking! (There are a couple of them that involve ingredients I have totally failed to source though, so I am thinking I may choose recipes I have never done before from another book in their place to make up the numbers.)

7. Make 5 cross-stitch things to sell at the Easter Market.

I haven’t started this yet. It is on my to-do list for when we have moved house and I have more space away from sticky fingers!

8. Save £5 for every challenge I complete on this list & then spend it on myself.

I have technically saved up £210 towards this… however I have also spent most of it already. I used it to buy my outfits for BritMums and for my spending money when I was there. And to buy next year’s ticket. I am aiming to save the rest up though to make £505 in total.

9. Have a day out with Liberty involving shopping, food and alcohol.

This is happening tomorrow. I am very excited.

10. Complete a puzzle book cover-to-cover.

I have started this one. I’m probably about half way through – I should get on with it really.

11. Run 5km in under 35 minutes.

Erg. Yeah. This one involves running and effort. My best so far is 42 minutes-ish – I have some work to do.

12. Make fresh pasta from scratch.

Caius bought me a pasta roller for my birthday which eliminated my excuse for this one entirely (‘I can’t do it, I can’t roll it thin enough to use’)

13. Have a themed birthday.

I am sort of cheating on this one because the birthday is not going to be mine. But I have plans for Caius’s birthday… many plans indeed 😀

14. Complete a triathlon.

I have entered the North West Triathlon (Super-Sprint distance) on the 8th September. I am half excited and half dreading it.  I am also running it in memory of Kathryn and raising money for the Candlelighters Trust in her honour so if you can possibly spare a pound or two please sponsor me here. Thank you, it means a lot to me x

15. Buy an origami book and make every model.

Book is bought and I have so far made 10 out of the 35 projects. I need an origami night!

16. Jump on a train/bus and go somewhere random and new for the day.

I am too cowardly for this – I need Caius to give me kick up the bum and dump me on a random bus 😉

17. Make 5 different cocktails out of my cocktail recipe book.

Caius and I had a cocktail night but I only managed to make and drink 3 out of the planned 5 before I got too drunk to make any more…

18. Ask 5 people to suggest a book to read and read all 5.

I have read 4 out of 5 so only one to go and that is ‘Days Between Stations’ by Steve Erickson which was suggested by my friend Jon.

19. Complete a colouring book with no help from the kids.

I really need to start this one. My beautiful colouring book (bought by my Mummy) is sat waiting for me, I just need to sit down and do it.

20. Complete the first draft of ‘Faerie or No’

I am so close on this. So very close. 59, 759 words are written and I think I am finally nearing the end.

…I have a lot of work to do – WISH ME LUCK!!

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