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August Reading List

So, this month I have a few MUST READS and therefore have an actual reading list to stick to.

To start with at least.

So, in August I will be:

Finishing The Story Sisters by Alice Hoffman which was a birthday gift and I started at the end of last month but didn’t quite finish.

Completing The Cobweb Bride by Vera Nazarian which I started ages ago but toally stalled on at 21% through but need to finish for NetGalley review.


Reading and reviewing:

Emerald by Rosemary Smith who tweeted me with the magical words ‘dog’ and ‘science fiction’ and won me over immediately 😉

Trial by Fire by Jennifer Lynn Barnes which I have finally got out of the library, months and months after I meant to go find it…

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, also from the library. I heard so much love for this book but never got round to reading it. Now is the time!


I am listening to my first audiobook (since my story tapes as a kid) which is getting me through the housework wonderfully. It is the unabridged version of Peter V Brett’s The Painted Man (Demon Trilogy, Book 1), which is almost 20 hours long in total. I am about ¹/3 of the way through now and really enjoying it.


To keep on top of my reading challenge I need to read at least one other book as well as that lot, preferably two… Whose stupid idea was it to read 75 books in a year anyway?!

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