Changes Are Afoot

Something exciting is happening this month – The Smalls, Caius and I are moving house!

Part of me is a little sad to leave the flat we are in, but most of me is excited about starting a new chapter in a place with more space to swing a cat (or a toddler, seeing as we have a lack of cats).

The flat we are currently in is a classic council-built, housing association two bed flat in a not particularly pretty block. It’s not terrible, but it’s cramped when there are four of you in it – especially when two of the four are small children with big personalities and the two adults are working from home.

When I got the flat though, there were only three of us and it symbolised freedom and hope. My world had fallen apart and although I had been piecing it back together for a while, getting the keys to a home of my own meant that I hadn’t completely failed at everything.

It was perfect for what I needed, but now time has moved on and we quite simply need more space.

More space so that Caius can work somewhere that isn’t the dining table in the same room as the kids are playing.

More room so that when Tori is at school, Arthur and I can do craft and painting and play games at the table without annoying Caius or relegating him to the bedroom to work.

So we are moving to a house.

There is an outside space that is secure and ours at the new house. It may not be big but it is a whole lot better than what we have now – a communal verge edged by a busy road with no real fence in between. The kids can go outside and play when they want to, we can go outside when we want to and not get stared at by everyone walking and driving past us. Our ‘garden’ will no longer include a bus-stop and all the people that entails.

The Smalls will have their own rooms – their own spaces where they can play and be themselves. Have their own toys and books, do their own thing.

It is going to be so much better for all of us.

And it is going to be less of a housework disaster.

The flat is a state most of the time because there just isn’t enough room for everything to get properly sorted and away. I keep trying but there are always piles of ‘stuff’ to be ‘sorted later’.

Well, it’s going to get sorted and it’s going to find homes and, hopefully, the fact that we will be able to move around without tripping over each other constantly means that I might just manage to find a routine that works.

This is my plan.

So if the blog goes a bit quiet over the next couple of weeks – you know why. I’ll be somewhere with my head in a packing box or else weilding a paintbrush.

Wish us luck and I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes.

Exciting times are afoot šŸ™‚

One thought on “Changes Are Afoot

  1. Hi Carole – just seen that you have moved and do hope all is going well for you all. Good luck with all the decorating. I do like reading your stories and keeping up to date with how you are all getting on. Love Alwynx

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