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Great Bloggers Bake Off, Week 10 – Tiered Halloween Cake

For Finals Week I felt like I should really make an effort – I did a picnic pie with layers in pie week though so that was out and pretzels were scary. Which left wedding cakes.

I have actually spent the weekend in Leeds celebrating Dom & Heather’s weddings (yes, that is a deliberate ‘s’ – they had two!) and they had more cakes than you could shake a stick at so I didn’t feel like adding another to the collection.

Instead, I decided to make a Hallowe’en themed cake just for a bit of fun and because English Folkfan bought me and the kids some Hallowe’en cake moulds and cookie cutters that I have been itching to use.

I had a vague plan in mind but no real clue as I pulled out my trusty old family copy of Mary Berry’s Fast Cakes to pick out my favourite recipes.


Arthur was desperate to help me so I put him in charge of sifting the flour and sugar together in the first of my cakes – a Butterscotch cake baked in a hemisphere tin from Lakeland. This was to become the top ‘tier’ of my cake – a ‘creepy’ Hallowe’en pumpkin (I’m not sure anything with Pac-Man shaped eyes can be classed as creepy to be honest).


Next up Arthur helped me to make up some Queen Cake mix with added strawberry and blueberry pieces which we put into the Hallowe’en cake moulds to make the mini cakes (I would call them the third tier but they were on the same level as the pumpkin so I’m not sure they count.)


For the main base of the cake I made one Marble Sponge and one Light Chocolate Cake and stuck them together with strawberry chocolate butter cream (I replaced 25g of the icing sugar with strawberry icing sugar to get the flavour in). I then mixed together green, red and yellow icing, sprayed with a bit of gold to make the murky graveyard background for my pumpkin to sit on.

A couple of black icing bats added to the theme and once assembled I was pleased with the overall result and from the reports I have had back from all the people who received random slices of cake it tasted as good as it looked!


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The lovely team at Stork sent over a tub for me to use in my baking this week too. It makes lovely buttercream and is far less faff than waiting for butter to soften enough to use – perfect when working with impatient toddlers!!

4 thoughts on “Great Bloggers Bake Off, Week 10 – Tiered Halloween Cake

  1. wow Carole you went to so much effort here and how lovely to have a little helper too 🙂 i also like the fact that you used one of Mary Berry’s recipes from that old recipe book!! i think its a perfect cake for halloween and thank you for linking up and i love your stork product placement shot x x x


  2. very well done on making this cake Carole..I bet the kids loved it….and like Jenny said, great product placement! 😉


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