Let’s Be Sensible

Hello 2014!

As is traditional, today is the day for making promises to yourself – resolutions that you will have cheated on by February and forgotten by March – and tomorrow is the day that you start to crack and have ‘just one last chocolate’.

I have no idea what I said I would do at the start of last year. (I just went and looked – I was very ambitious at the start of last year. I didn’t do a good half of what I aimed for. But I did totally smash a couple of them, so not a total disaster overall.)

This year I’m not going to aim for the stars or fix the world, instead I’m going to set myself 3 targets and leave it at that. And none of those targets involve eating less chocolate because I have precisely no willpower over that and it’s not worth beating myself up over.

The first resolution is read 36 books not as many as last year but still 3 a month. Plenty to keep me busy.

The second resolution is complete a 365 project – I have already done two of these, followed by 33 weeks of a 52 project. I miss my camera and this is the best way I can think of falling back in love with it again.

The third and final resolution is actually quite a big one. I want to complete my Day Zero challenge – My 1001 days are up on the 8th April and I really, really want to hit my 101 goals by then. Meaning that between now and then I need to:

  • Visit Bath Cats & Dogs Home
  • Bike 20km in one go
  • Go iceskating
  • Take Tori & Arthur to Bath
  • Save £3 for every 101 task completed & spend it on myself at the end (£261 saved so far – though I technically spent the £61 on my BritMums Live 2014 ticket already)
  • Make at least 5 cross-stitch cards to sell at the Easter Market (3/5 done)
  • Cook every recipe from the My Daddy Cooks book (56/100 done)
  • Complete a puzzle book cover to cover (I’m about half way through one)
  • Make fresh pasta from scratch
  • Buy an origami book and make every model (11/35 done)
  • Make 5 different cocktails from my recipe book (3/5 done – I had planned to do all five in one night but I got too drunk to make the last two…)
  • Ask 5 people to suggest a new book to read and read all 5 (4/5 read, the last one is on my shelf ready)
  • Complete a colouring book with no help from the kids (I have meticulously done two pages…)
  • Complete the first draft of Faerie or No (I broke the 60,000 word barrier yesterday, I CAN get there!)

Well there we go – quite a few things to work towards but nothing too impossible. I just need to get creative in my child-free mornings when Arthur is at pre-school – colouring pencils at the ready!

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