Deepest, Darkest January


That’s the best word to sum up this month. Last year it was snowy, this year it seems to be one big, wet storm with very little let up.

Very, very bleak.

It means that we haven’t ventured outside very much because we don’t want to be drowned/blow away/frozen to death and we have all got a hefty dose of cabin fever.

We’re all a bit tired and grumpy and unless the weather improves it’s just going to carry on.

I haven’t quite managed to get the house back together since the Christmas mush of new presents and a mountain of dirty washing which makes occupying the kids a challenge – I was very pleased to see the start of term, I can tell you.

Hopefully I will get on top of everything soon and I can start the kids off on some more of the many crafty things they got for Christmas so they have something to distract them and maybe stop the constant whine for the TV and biscuits. I don’t blame them, pretty much all I want at the moment is TV and biscuits, too.


As for us grown ups? Hopefully a dinner & film night with friends this week might just cheer us up a bit and beat off a few of the January-Blues.

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