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30 Day Film Challenge: Day 9

A Film With Your Favourite Actor

This took a while because most of my favourite actors are TV actors rather than movie stars but the first on my list that’s more of a film star is Richard Gere and it was a toss up between Chicago and the film I have gone for. There’s just something about Richard Gere that is endlessly watchable – and he is rather attractive which helps 😉

Gotta love the suit ;) (Copyright: Miramax 2002)
Gotta love the suit 😉
(Copyright: Miramax 2002)

Pretty Woman is also one of my Mum’s favourite films and I have lost count of how many times we have stayed up until silly times in the wee hours watching reruns of it on the TV. The chemistry between Richard Gere and Julia Roberts is pure magic all the way through making it endlessly rewatchable.

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