30 Day Film Challenge · Life

30 Day Film Challenge: Day 12

A Film By Your Least Favourite Director

I don’t have a least favourite director that I know of so I have just looked up the director of one of my least favourite films instead. Turns out he directed another film I wasn’t massively keen on so I will go along with it. The guy’s name is Joe Carnahan and he directed The A-Team which was okay apart from the fact that it could have done with being about an hour shorter because the first four hundred years of it were pointless and boring and made me lose interest before it actually got interesting and funny towards the end.

However, the film I am choosing for this is Smokin’ Aceswhich almost became the first film I ever walked out of but I sat through it out of loyalty to my friends who were there too.

I spent most of the 109 minutes closely studying the fire escape light at the bottom left of the auditorium which faded from green to a shade of pale blue in one corner and  flickered ever so slightly because, frankly, it was more interesting, less ridiculous and infinitely more intelligent than what was going on up on the screen. The only good thing Smokin’ Aces had going for it was Alicia Keys appearance but even that wasn’t enough to win me over, girl crush or no girl crush.

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