30 Day Film Challenge · Life

30 Day Film Challenge: Day 27

Your Favourite Foreign Language Film

I can only really remember watching one foreign language film off the top of my head – it was in 2002 and my friendship group decided to go and see Heroat the cinema. I have absolutely no idea why we picked this film but I do remember being utterly and completely confused for the entire thing having not realised that there was a good guy and a bad guy for most of it – I thought they were the same bloke because they looked and sounded alike. Yeah, on reflection I’m an idiot…

The other thing I remember about this film is that for our cinema snacks we had snuck in a giant trifle (it took us ages to find some spoons to buy) which we passed up and down our row and also a giant packet of skittles… which we opened very badly and spent the rest of the film sniggering as every time ANYBODY on our side of the auditorium moved there was the plink plink plink plink plink of skittles falling down the tiered seating steps. I think we ate about three skittles each because that was all that was left, we dropped so many in the initial packet explosion.

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