30 Day Film Challenge · Life

30 Day Film Challenge: Day 28

The Most Obscure Film You’ve Ever Seen


Yeah I have no idea on this one so I am going to go for a 1992 children’s film that I adored but nobody had/has ever apparently seen. Probably because it’s Australian and clearly never really caught on over here – Blinky Bill.

It’s about a mischievous koala bear called Blinky Bill (or a downright rude and naughty one, if you ask my mother) and how the ruthless deforestation of his home makes him grow up a little and learn to respect and care for others. He doesn’t stop being a cheeky sod though, don’t worry.

It has some great songs and is a beautiful mix of real-life and animation. I have tried to find it on DVD and failed miserably so the only way I, er… I mean, the Smalls, can watch it now is on my original VHS at my parents’ house. If ever you spot a UK compatible DVD of it anywhere please let me know, I would love it!

(I have also heard rumours of a remake/second film coming next year – who knows, maybe he’ll make a comeback?)

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