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30 Day Film Challenge: Day 30

A Guilty Pleasure

Ridiculously late, here is day 30 at last. (I forgot to do it before I went on holiday!)

Most of my guilty pleasures are Disney films but probably one of my favourite guilty loves is  Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer: The Movie.

I had this on video, presumably it was a Christmas present at some point, and it has become one of those things it isn’t Christmas without – I have hunted it down on DVD so that I can watch it at home now. It’s a Dutch version so you have to set it all to English before you watch it but that’s fine with me.

I love the songs and the simple story, I love that Eric Idle and Whoopi Goldberg provide a couple of the voices and it is just bursting with Christmas magic that I must confess to watching all year round every now and then.

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