Happy Birthday CFHW

I know I have been quiet recently but I still couldn’t let today pass by without a little something being said.

Four years ago, Liberty and I had just come home from a fun filled adventure at the Alt Fiction conference and started up our blogs on the wings of what had been said there.

My blog is no longer the book-based endeavour I set it out to be but it is all mine and I love my little space of internet – it has changed along with me and will continue to do so.

I’ve come a long way in those four years – I’ve moved house three times, had another baby, volunteered at the London Olympics, sailed a yacht, started learning to drive (passed my theory then never got in a driving seat again… need to work on that), written over 65,000 words of a novel and baked a whole lot of cake – and Carole Finds Her Wings has come along with me all the way.

It might not mean much to anyone else but I love this little blog and I’m very proud to be able to wish it a Happy 4th Birthday today.


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