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Book Lust #7 – The Spirit Of Christmas

I have seen a few reviews of this on blogs and websites and I would love to get a copy for Tori and Arthur. The message of sharing and acknowledging the fact that there are children in the world who are perhaps not as lucky as others is one that I feel is important and the Smalls are old enough now to understand it.

The illustration style is beautifully detailed and it comes in a presentation pack that relates to the story – with the book in a ‘Special Delivery’ sack and a tiny silver bell from Santa inside so you can recreate the magic of the story with your children. Maybe even encouraging them to join Drew in donating a toy or two back to Santa in the sack (you could take them to a charity shop) and rewarding them with the bell on Christmas day.

I love the magic of Christmas and this book feels as though it would add even more to the season than there already is.


It’s Christmas! There will be carols and candy canes and sparkling presents under the tree! But what about children whose families have no presents to give? Kind-hearted Drew wants to help them-but how? A magical story of how one little boy received a very special Giving Bag from Santa-and how his Christmas wish came true.

What books are you lusting after this week?

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