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Book Lust #9 – Momo

I have never actually read The Never Ending Story but I have fond memories of the film (and also memories of it being the most terrifying thing ever…) and I had never even heard of this other novel by the same author until a friend told me it was one of her all-time favourite books from her childhood. This always puts a book on my Lust List and so I was very grateful to receive my own copy from her for Christmas – now all I have to do is read it!

I also already love it because there is a ‘strangely gifted tortoise’ in it. That’s like code for ‘Carole will think this is awesome.’


The sinister men in grey have arrived and are silently taking over the city. They are drawing life-blood from the unsuspecting inhabitants. They are the time-thieves.

It is Momo, the ragged little waif, who discovers what is happening. And it is Momo, with her uncanny ability to listen, her simplicity and honesty, who holds the key to salvation. She is the only one who can resist these soulless, corrupt creatures.

In this intricate and compelling story of a fantastic country, Momo sets out to destroy the enemy. The mysterious Professor Hora and his strangely gifted tortoise, Cassiopeia, will help her.


What books are you lusting after this week?

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