5 Things I Would Like For My Birthday

This month I turn 27 on the 27th – the neatness of this distracts me from how old 27 sounds – which means my brain is full of balloons, wrapping paper and cake as per every birthday build-up ever.

And I may be nearer 30 than anything else but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a birthday wish-list – I do. It even has Lego on it…

1) A Subscription to #PaperHaul (or even just a one-off box)

This monthly subscription box is the thing of dreams – washi tape, stickers, postcards, note cards, paper, pretty stationery things. Through your letter box. Every month. Yes, yes, YES! This is top of my birthday wish list by about five miles – if nobody buys it for me, I might just have to buy it for myself instead.

(Or a subscription to The Happy Paper Club which is much the same idea…)

2) The Art Of Disney Postcard Set index

These are awesome. They’d be fab to have in to send people and to use as birthday cards and notes and whatnot. And just to be pretty. I have rediscovered postcards recently as something that can be sent any time, not just from a distant beach or a caravan in Wales.

3) The Witch With No Name by Kim Harrison

I am desperate to read this to find out how the series ends. This has been my favourite book series for years and this is the final instalment and I neeeeeeeeeeed it. (I, of course, also never want to pick it up because that means it will all be over and that will make me sad. There again, I could just re-read tham all again and again…)

51SMko1PNDL._SX425_4) The LEGO Movie: Cloud Cuckoo Land set

Because Unikitty and Wyld Style. And Lego.

And EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! *sings rest of song to self for the next three weeks*

(Any other Lego set is also acceptable, I like Lego.)

5) A pet cat

Arthur wants one of these too. I am willing to share with him. Or we could have one each, I don’t mind.

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