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The Lego Star Wars Addiction

For a while now, Arthur has been addicted to Star Wars. It started out as an addiction to Angry Birds, then Angry Birds Star Wars and then the films themselves.

He also loves Lego so it wasn’t long before the Star Wars Lego addiction became a big thing. Tori is not far behind him in the addiction stakes.

Star Wars Lego is not cheap so as a compromise at Christmas we got them each a Star Wars Lego book – The Visual Dictionary  and the Character Encyclopedia. Each book came with a mini figure which caused great excitement and between the two volumes the Smalls can now find the answer to every ‘who’s that?’ question they ask (whereas previously they just had me who mostly said ‘I dunno’ because I have a memory like a sieve.)

They have spent hours between them poring over those books and Arthur can’t even read.

Arthur’s Luke Skywalker mini figure on the cover didn’t come with a lightsaber and I was very amused one afternoon to discover that he had compromised using something from Tori’s pony stable Lego set instead…

Luckily for him, English Folkfan took pity and, once she’d stopped laughing at his inventive replacement, sourced some proper Lego lightsabers so that he could be appropriately dressed. She also provided enough spare lightsabers and hoods and cloaks that our other non-Star Wars mini figures could be drafted into the cast of the Smalls’ Star Wars games.

Seriously though, I can’t recommend those two Lego books enough. They are big and bold and brightly coloured, full of fun facts and Tori, at six and a half, can read most of it herself which is a bonus. They are pulled off our shelves almost daily and have kept their attention far longer than I expected they would when I bought them. If you have a Star Wars Lego mad person in your household I definitely recommend picking one or both of these up if you see them around, and not just because the dictionary has the coolest shiny silver cover ever!


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