Follow your heart…

I voted stay (postal vote, did it before all the stuff went mad) – I think things need to change but I think we are stronger as a part of the EU than out of it. 

The EU is made up of entirely elected people from across all the members and I think it has the power to do a lot of good and does give us a lot in return for what we put in.

We just need to make sure we get the right people to represent us to make the changes that need to be made. If we leave then we lose support of the other nations and there’s enough distrust as it is without adding to it by turning our back on people.

I am unhappy with our current government but that’s not really a reason for voting either way because it’s not a government election and that will endlessly change over time regardless.

There are legitimate points to both sides, there are ridiculous claims and lies flying in both directions. It comes down to your head and your heart and finding some voices in the mess that you trust and making your own choice.

I chose stay.

This whole thing has scared the crap out of me, not because of the threat of leaving so much as how angry and bitter everyone has been over it on both sides. I feel nervous just being out and about with the kids because of people shouting about it all on the street and everywhere feels on high alert. My anxiety is going mad and I’m just plain scared and it probably won’t go away until the whole thing is decided either way and the hate and anger across the country simmers down.

And that’s me done. I’m closing my eyes, ears and mouth about it until Friday at least. From now on I’m staying in my bubble with my family simply so I can remember how to breathe.

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