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My April TBR

Good grief, how is it April already?!

Last month involved loads of books but not necessarily the ones I originally said I was going to read! I had a bit of a comic/graphic novel binge mid-month which set back my planned reading but was very enjoyable. Then I misplaced the book I actually wanted to read for about two weeks which also didn’t help!

That said, my reading total for the year is now up to 26/52 so I’m still very definitely on target to finish…by about June…

So this month’s TBR does involve some repeats from last month because I failed to actually read the books I planned and April is destined to be mega busy according to my calendar so I have allowed for this by only having, er, 8 things on my TBR. And only two of them are huge… (Stephen King barely counts – I only have a few pages of that to read. That makes it aaaaaall better *nods encouragingly*)

(Books that count toward my BBC17 will be highlighted in PURPLE and will be fully reviewed later in the month as part of the challenge and the Book Club books will be highlighted in GREEN and will feature in my Book Club review post in May after our meeting.)

Elizabeth Is Missing by Emma Healey – This is the one I lost last month. Yes, I know, I text Liberty at the time to tell her that ‘Elizabeth Is Missing is missing’ because the irony was not lost on me. Elizabeth is now found, so reading can commence!

One by Sarah Crossan – I have wanted to read this since I listened to Sarah Crossan at YALC and as I own a signed hardback copy, I really should read it!!

Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor – I got the sampler for this at YALC and refused to read it because it would make me sad until the book came out. I LOVE Laini Taylor’s writing so much. So I may have accidentally preordered it and it is here now in all it’s blue sprayed edges and signed glory and is just crying out to be read.

Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones – I got this in my Illumicrate and it sounds really good. Anything that features the Goblin King is right up my street!

The Spirit Thief by Rachel Aaron – The first of the April Book Club reads, we couldn’t decide on just one and as we aren’t having an April meeting (because apparently April is a crazy busy month) we decided we could read two instead! (I know, I know, that makes no sense…)

Tell No One by Harlen Coben – The second of our Book Club choices for the month. We have a crime theme going on!

Kook by Chris Vick – Another YALC 2016 read. I’m still on my mission to read them all before I go to the 2017 conference!! Surf’s up guys!

The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams  by Stephen King – Still going with this one between all my other books! (Note: This is on my TBR every month this year as I have divided it up so I will be reading a story or two or three from it each month.)



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