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Tidbit Tuesday – Rescued By The Bear

He should have told her there and then that he was a bear. That he knew only too well what it was like to have dual personalities. Two separate beasts vying for control. Well, separate might be stretching it a little. They were joined, but distinct, all at the same time. When he changed he knew who he was, but his animal instincts took over. And when you’re a bear that means trouble, unless you get your mood under control swiftly.’

– Chapter 7

Rescued By The Bear by Harmony Raines (Bear Creek Clan Book 1)

Abbi finds herself on the run from a tiger. Not any ordinary tiger, this one can change from man to tiger in an instant. Her innocence attracts him and he plans to claim her as his own. What Abbi doesn’t know, is she has run straight into the path of the only person in the world who is willing to lay down his life for her.

After waiting centuries for his mate to appear, bear shifter Brad, the sheriff of Bear Creek, is shocked to find her hiding out in a ruined house. Trying to unravel her story, and protect her from whatever it is that hunts her, he keeps his other self a secret.

Rescuing her is the easy part. How is he ever supposed to explain to her he is a shifter too. Will she run? Or will he convince her all he wants to do is mate with her and raise a family of bear cubs.

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