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Tidbit Tuesday – Mama’s Boy & Other Dark Tales


He bought a chest freezer and muscled it down the steps to store his meaty trophies along with samples of his best gravies for later comparisons. The freezer was a good tool, but Leonard preferred his meat to still be warm, as close to live as possible. Those batches of gravy were noticeably more alive with flavour as they swirled on his refined palate.

But something was still missing, and Leonard was determined to discover his gravy masterpiece. He returned to the library with renewed enthusiasm, studying hard for weeks, making notes, collecting spices and the proper utensils for his greatest gravy ever. He had a plan.’

Gravy Pursuits, Page 45

Mama’s Boy and other Dark Tales by Fran Friel


Nothing good comes of the closest ties in Mama’s Boy and Other Dark Tales, the new collection from Fran Friel and Apex Publications. Things can go especially awry when the tie in question is the one binding mother and son. This collection contains 14 tales, including the Stoker Award nominated novella “Mama’s Boy.”


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